Application Confirmation

Thank you for applying for our (Banquet Server / Cocktail Server / Bar Back / Team Member) Position. The following will apply to you if you are hired for an event. Feel free to save or print this page for future reference. This page is also available by request after you have been assigned to your first event.


The Independent Contractor shall be compensated per event for his/her services as follows:

  1. The Independent Contractor does not get paid for drive time. The Independent Contractor gets paid in cash, by the hour, per event.

  2. Banquet Server / Cocktail Server / Bar Back / Team Member shall receive $15.00 per hour + tips.

  3. Time Starts at the Beginning of the designated Setup Time of the event. Time Ends at the End of the designated Clean-up Time of the event. All contractors must stay and clean-up during the designated Clean-up Time. Not doing so may cause you to miss your last hour of pay or your portion of tips.

  4. The Independent Contractor agrees to give at least 5 days notice of not being able to make it to an upcoming scheduled event. Not doing so may result in termination. The only exception to this rule; in cause of avoidance of termination, is in the case where the event is scheduled/booked and is defined as a Last Minute Event. Whereas, a Last Minute Event is defined as; An event that is scheduled less than 7 days before the set Date of the Event.

  5. If the Independent Contractor decides to give use of the 5 days notice for an event that was accepted with proper notice; where Proper Notice is defined as having knowledge of an event at least 10 days before the set Date of the Event. This may result in a penalty putting you at the end of rotation where "other potential Independent Contractors" or "those Independent Contractors that have already been hired and are in current rotation already competing against you for the next available event.

  6. Independent Bartender may terminate this contract with reason(s) pertaining to the duties of this contract not being fulfilled by the Independent Contractor. This contract may also be terminated by the Independent Contractor through expression or demonstration of ill will and/or a lack of; interest, communication, respect or reliability toward Independent Bartender and/or toward IB's clients, bar-comers or other independent contractors that may be present at an event.

Lack of Interest or Communication: Not responding to a text message or phone call regarding acceptance of an upcoming event within a 48 hr time frame. (i.e. Please let me know if you can make it to the next event on a "set date")

Lack of Respect: Saying or doing something maliciously for the sole purpose of defamation or personal gain. (i.e. Slandering or Promoting yourself or Same/Similar type of Business for personal gain). Or doing or saying something to a client, bar-comer or other independent contractor to either create a hostile situation or cause rise to an already hostile situation. As professionals we should always seek first to diffuse a situation.

Lack of Reliability: Not showing to an event, showing late, canceling last minute or canceling with 5 days notice.

Banquet Server / Cocktail Server / Bar Back / Team Member


Include but are not limited to:

  • standing and walking for long periods of time
  • Serving and plating the food for banquet service.
  • Carrying plates of food on trays and serving guests.
  • Carrying heavy trays of drinks, which can be physically demanding.
  • Keeping glasses filled; remove each round of plates and replenish utensils.
  • Performing cleaning tasks and breakdown of service (i.e. cleaning tables)
  • Excellent oral communication and listening skills
  • responding to requests
  • checking table decoration
  • anticipating guest needs
  • keeping the premises clean
  • Washing dirty dishes, glassware, utensils.
  • Performing all the usual duties of a waitress (i.e. taking orders, collecting gratuities)
  • checking customer age and/or verifying identification
  • being familiar with a variety of alcoholic beverages
  • having the ability to organize multiple orders
  • changing out the trash and replacing new trash can liners.


Alcohol will be served in accordance with California State Liquor laws and regulations determined by ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) rules and regulations. The Independent Contractor will not serve alcohol to minors (anyone under the legal age of 21 years). The Independent Contractor will require proof of age (I.D.) for all guests of a questionable age partaking in alcoholic beverages. The Contractor will not be held liable for minors who consume alcohol during the event given by another adult. The Contractor is not allowed to serve more than two drinks to one person as stated by ABC rules and regulations. Please do not ask to be an exception to this rule. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

The Contractor will provide a valid CA I.D. or DL, a ServSafe Food Handlers (and/or) Beverage Handlers card to Independent Bartender

The Independent Contractor understands that gratuities are at The Customer's discretion.

The Contractor will report any unruly behavior of other team members i.e. Theft, Not following ABC Rules (Over Pouring, serving more than two drinks to one person, etc.), Drinking during the shift, Cell Phone Usage, and any other behaviors you think staff shouldn't be doing.

The Contractor will return all tools and other items given or provided to them by Independent Bartender. Not doing so may result in replacement of property, reimbursement or wage garnishment.

All Bartenders and Banquet/Cocktail Servers must remain in uniform and maintain professionalism at all times during an event.


I, ________________________________, the undersigned, understand that I am not an employee of Independent Bartender but rather an Independent Contractor that holds a 1099 Non-Employee Compensation position.

Independent Contractor:_________________________________________Date: ______________