Stock The Bar

Independent Bartender


So, the date of your event is getting closer and you just received your inventory/shopping list from us. Well, it is my pleasure to share with you the idea of having a stock the bar party for your big day. 

*A Stock The Bar Party should be scheduled at least 1 month before the date of your event. You will need to have obtained a Final Drink Menu & Inventory list from me before planning your stock the bar party. 

What is a "Stock The Bar Party"?

A Stock the Bar Party Is the Bridal Shower Idea You've Been Waiting for.... it serves as an awesome way to shower your newly engaged loved ones with congratulations and bar-themed gifts (a.k.a the perfect way to cheers to their upcoming wedding!)

A Stock the Bar Party is not limited to being a pre-wedding party but can be useful for any upcoming occasion. This is held before the main event and is intended to help with minimizing costs and relieve stress.

The main idea is that the guests will bring two bottles each, one to stock the bar for the main event and another to be used at the party. Any left overs of course will be to stock the bar for the main event.